Anthurium Forgetii Care (Step By Step Complete Guides For You)

Anthurium Forgetii Care
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Anthurium forgetii is a great houseplant and is often considered the best in its genus. This Anthurium mimics tropical plants and brings the jungle inside your home. This makes it one of the most unusual houseplants on the market.

These exotic plants come in two varieties. They can be grown either in plain form or with silver veining. They are one of the most beautiful houseplants and can be grown in any form.

Anthurium forgetii, a native of Columbia and Ecuador, is a descendant of the Arcae family. This plant is epiphytic and terrestrial, which makes it different from its relatives.

Experts refer to it as a velvet-leaf anthurium type. It is said that the forgetii can be a bit fussy compared to other Anthurium members.

Adapting this plant to your home environment is possible with the right Anthurium forgetii care. This means you can enjoy this plant for many years.

Here are a few secrets I have learned that work for me when growing Anthurium forgetii.

Anthurium Forgetii: Basic Plant Care Instructions


My Anthurium forgetii is a native plant that lives in the same soil as orchids.

These anthurium types thrive in leaf litters, moss, and tree branches.

My soil concentration is based on several ingredients. These include peat moss, breathable potting soil, sphagnum, perlite, bark, gravel, and a little charcoal.

You know why I said these plants were fussy when I started this article.

However, Anthurium forgetii can be made easier if the soil concentration is prepared.


The Forgetii, like most Anthurium plants, doesn’t require a lot of bright light.

This one plant is best kept in a moderate-light environment. Sensitivity is one of the main reasons I recommend medium-to-bright and indirect light.

These plants can easily burn if they are not properly lit by Anthurium forgetii. You may need to practice balancing at the beginning before you can get it right.

They will be content if you provide enough light throughout the day. You can temporarily move the pot if there is a lot of sunlight in their area.


I recommend watering all Anthurium plants according to their environment. The same applies to Anthurium forgetii.

You can get to know your Anthurium forgetii plant by providing the best care possible through regular watering.

Experts recommend that Anthurium forgetii soil be kept moist during the growing season.

I let the soil’s top layer dry out before I water.

To test the stage, you can place your finger into the soil. Avoid watering soil that is too wet.

Before you get that watering can, the soil should feel moist.

My Anthurium forgetii is usually watered around once or twice per week. This will increase in summer and decrease during winter.


A thermometer is a great tool for Anthurium forgetii care. This is because, despite all the Anthuriums, Anthurium forgetii thrives in stable environments.

That temperature range for me is between 65 and 70 degrees F. There isn’t much to do here.

However, many other factors could influence your temperature readings, which a forgetii cannot tolerate.

This means protecting them from drafty windows and doors. This also means that you allow a gentle airflow.

During the warmer and more humid days, I keep my windows closed. My Anthurium forgetii receives a healthy dose of natural air.

These plants are not suited for heaters, fans, or air conditioners. These plants will show signs of damage if they are regularly exposed.


Since my first Anthurium forgetii, I have realized the importance of humidity in Anthurium forgetii care. You may see these anthurium types in your bathroom or kitchen.

My Anthurium is my favorite thing to display in my living room. I have opted to place a simple pebble tray under my plant pot.

This is because forgetii requires a higher than average level of humidity. They can become sick if they don’t have the right levels.

Anthurium forgetii should be kept at around 60% humidity for best results. A humidifier can be used to reach this level if this is not possible.


I use a controlled fertilizing schedule to ensure the best care for Anthurium forgetii. Although it is a regular process, I don’t want to over-fertilize this delicate plant.

For forgetii, fertilization can be done every six to eight weeks. This should be done only from March to September.

Liquid fertilizer is ideal for providing the right amount of nutrients. Some people prefer to use an indoor plant liquid.

I use a mix of liquid fertilizers for plants and one formulated specifically for orchids. This is beneficial for my Anthurium, which experiences a growth spurt. It should be applied every three to six weeks.

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The Exotic rainforest states that the Anthurium forgetii can be propagated easily. This house plant is easy to propagate.

To get started, you only need a healthy root choice. Even better, this root choice can be placed in the soil mix I have already mentioned. This will give your plant the best start possible.


When it comes to growth, those who are keen plant lovers might notice that many Anthurium forgetii plants are sold in small sizes – and will continue to be small. They are a great addition to homes with limited space.

Some people don’t have patience for the long wait Anthurium forgetii takes to grow new leaves or growth.

These plants are not recommended for people with poor patients. Anthurium forgetii’s main focus is on the leaves, not the height it might reach.

My Anthurium forgetii might put out one new leaf every three months, or maybe two per year if I’m fortunate. It doesn’t seem noticeable from a height standpoint, and my Anthurium forgetii will probably grow several centimeters yearly.

However, the environment in which your plant grows will impact its growth. The Anthurium forgetii also needs regular care and attention.

This plant is more about its larger, distinctive leaf structure than the overall growth.


Because the Anthurium forgetii is not a fast-growing plant, it doesn’t pose a problem for me when potting them. This is until the plant shows signs of needing a new container.

I make sure that I only repot the plant to the correct size. This keeps Anthurium forgetii’s care simple and reduces the possibility of overwatering.

As long as possible, I recommend that you keep your plant in its nursery container. This is true for Anthurium forgetii, as long as it’s in good health.

When your Anthurium forgetii’s current pot is tightly packed, it is time to repot. It is no longer receiving the nutrients it requires to thrive.

I advise Anthurium forgetii to wait until it displays such signs before repotting.

How to Propagate Your Anthurium forgetii – Step by Step Anthurium forgetii Care

Soil is the best medium for propagating Anthurium forgetii

  1. You can work hard during spring to propagate your Anthurium forgetii.
  2. Slowly try to separate the roots from the mother plant.
  3. Gently separate the Anthurium forgetii into small sections.
  4. Do this while you feel for roots you may be able to separate.
  5. When selecting your section, ensure you have a healthy root with at most one or two leaves attached.
  6. Place the cut in your prepared soil mixture and gently press it down.
  7. Leave the plant in a sunny area and water it. It would help if you kept an eye on it regularly.

Common Problems With Anthurium forgetii

Some people consider Anthurium forgetii, as I may have mentioned in this article.

However, I have not had any serious problems with Anthurium forgetii care.

The forgetii is a minor problem if you can manage its needs effectively.

However, this plant is more susceptible to problems due to owner failures.

These common issues can often be quickly fixed if they are caught early!

Anthurium forgetii requires a well-balanced Watering Schedule.

I advocate letting the soil dry between watering. Anthurium forgetii will not tolerate this activity.

Many people struggle to find the right balance. Anthurium forgetii needs to be kept moist but not too damp.

This issue cannot be fixed personally. In these first few weeks, Anthurium forgetii owners must be vigilant for any visible signs.

Anthurium forgetii is not a good candidate for incorrect fertilization methods and schedules.

Anthurium forgetii, like other anthuriums, hates to be fertilized incorrectly. However, this is just like water. The balance can be achieved by trial and error and visual references.

Consider the instructions when fertilizing your Anthurium forgetii. Every fertilizer product is unique, so the instructions for each one are different!

You must follow the exact measurements to fertilize an Anthurium forgetii. This means you must space the feeds out properly over the months and weeks.

This can be done by noting it and referring to it every time you fertilize your Anthurium forgetii.

Tips for Anthurium forgetii so it doesn’t get in the way.

  • When watering Anthurium forgetii, you need to strike the right balance
  • As much as possible, keep the room at the same temperature all year.
  • Give your Anthurium forgetii some indirect light but not direct sunlight.
  • Offer your Anthurium forgetii best soil mixes. Try to imitate an orchard mix wherever possible.
  • You should provide as much humidity as possible for your plant. A humidifier can be used if this is not possible in your home.
  • Fertilize Anthurium forgetii with caution – it is important to remember that less is better.
  • Your Anthurium forgetii location should be far from any draughty places.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Anthurium forgetii care

My Anthurium forgetii has a lot of brown edges. Is this normal?

Anthurium forgetii’s leaf texture will change if it doesn’t get sufficient humidity. If your plant has brown edges, it may not have enough humidity.

This is easily solved if you have a humidifier. Place the plant next to it. You can also place your Anthurium forgetii in the kitchen or bathroom.

My Anthurium forgetii is now mature but has no visible veins. My Anthurium forgetii, however, has brightly silver veined leaves. Are there any problems with mine, or have I taken care of it incorrectly?

You aren’t doing anything wrong. Your leaves can be plain green, while Anthurium forgetii’s have visible grey veins.

Two forms of Anthurium forgetii are available. You can choose between a plain and a veiny form.

Both are stunning, and both can be forgetii. It is not often until the plant has been established fully that you can determine which color it is.

This is not how to care for your Anthurium forgetii.

Conclusion On Anthurium Forgetii Care

Although it is not as visually striking as its anthurium cousins, the Anthurium forgetii can still hold its own.

It is considered a balanced plant that can also be used as a contrast plant. This is especially true if you have a small specimen.

This houseplant is easy to maintain if you take good care of it. This is true if you take care of it from the very beginning.

The Anthurium forgetii is an excellent choice if you want rare plants to display in your home.

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