10 Best Tomatoes To Grow In Colorado 2022 – Top List From Experienced Gardener

Best Tomatoes To Grow In Colorado
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The Best Tomatoes To Grow In Colorado aren’t as simple as I imagined. Some require intensive attention, others are vulnerable to pests, and a lot isn’t simple and easy to grow.

That’s why I made an index of the Top 10 Best Tomatoes To Grow In Colorado!

This comprehensive guide will show you the most productive tomatoes to plant, why you should plant them, and how to plant them.

Understanding the hardiness zone in Colorado is crucial to determining the most suitable tomatoes to plant.

It could be the difference between having your tomatoes growing and producing abundant yields or producing zero.

Colorado is typically regarded as a Hardiness Zone 5, while some lower-level regions are considered Hardiness Zone 6.

10 Best Tomatoes to Grow in Colorado 2022

1. Roma Tomatoes

Free Png Download Roma Tomato Png Images Background - Transparent  Background Tomato Slice Png, Png Download - kindpng

Days to Maturity: 50 Days

Why Grow Roma Tomatoes in Colorado?

Canning or Freezing:
  • Roma tomatoes yield a large late summer harvest, making them ideal for freezing, canning, or drying.
Perfect for Cooking:
  • Because Roma tomatoes have very little or no seeds, they make it the perfect choice to cook with, make sauces, or even create a paste. This is a deliciously delicious and sweet tomato!
Perfect for ANY Garden:
  • Romas are ideal for urban gardens and gardeners who have limited space. It’s great for container gardens, raised garden beds, and even indoors.
Disease Resistant
  • Roma tomatoes make the best variety of tomatoes to grow when you are struggling with illnesses. They are particularly resistant to nematode pests and wilt.

These Could Harm Your Roma Tomatoes

  • Deer, Rabbits, & Squirrels LOVE Roma Tomatoes. If not properly protected, these pests can devour your Roma tomatoes before they can even start to develop.
  • You will likely find insects on your Roma tomato in the spring and fall seasons when it’s cool or humid. If you plant them in the shade and the soil is moist, you will also see insects.

Extreme Wet:

Although it is not common even in Colorado, extreme amounts of rain or wetness can affect your tomatoes. This can lead to the fungus that could affect the number of tomatoes that grow and may even hamper the growth of your plants.

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2. Brandywine Tomatoes

17 Brandywine Tomato Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Days to Maturity: 80 Days

Why Grow Brandywine Tomatoes in Colorado?

  • The Brandywine tomato is a heritage tomato, meaning that it has the finest qualities of tomatoes and has been in cultivation for many years. Of the many heirloom tomatoes, it is the most durable, delicious and simple to cultivate.
Thrives in Heat:
  • Brandywine tomatoes love the heat. The more humid and hot, the more your Brandywine tomatoes will grow. There is a good chance you will get more tomatoes since Brandywine loves Colorado’s summer.
Perfect in Pots:
  • If any tomato could be grown in pots for gardening in Colorado, It’s Brandywine tomatoes. It is among the most adaptable tomato varieties, making it ideal for beginners who want to garden in Colorado.

These Could Harm Your Brandywine Tomatoes

  • The disease is one of the many things that cause problems for Brandywine tomatoes. Nearly any insects can and will inflict damage on you, Brandywine Tomatoes.
Cold Weather
  • If you experience hot and humid summers, Brandywine tomatoes can become sickly, stunted, and even die.

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3. Early Girl Tomatoes

The Early Girl Tomato: A Reliable, Short-Season Favorite Hybrid Variety –  Home For The Harvest

Days to Maturity: 50 Days

Why Grow Early Girl Tomatoes in Colorado?

Thrives in Cold:
  • Some tomatoes are hardy to heat; Early Girl Tomatoes are cold-hardy. Early Girl tomatoes thrive in Colorado’s cold climate. If you’re looking for the best tasting early-girl tomatoes, plant them from mid to late spring.
Great for Vertical Gardening:
  • The early Girl Tomatoes are one of the few plants which are ideal when it comes to vertical gardens. Vertical gardening is popular in cities like Colorado and even in the suburbs, where space to grow horizontally is difficult to come by.
Perfect in Raised Garden Beds:
  • Early Girl Tomatoes do not need much room. They also thrive in conjunction with other plants and other vegetables. This makes them ideal for garden beds with raised beds, one of the most well-known landscaping methods in Colorado.

These Could Harm Your Early Girl Tomatoes

  • Deer, Rabbits, and Squirrels adore coming out and eating in the spring. A prime crop they eat is tomatoes. It doesn’t matter if they are protected or not. It could pose a danger to early-stage tomatoes that are grown in Colorado.
Wet & Rain:
  • A lot of rain and moisture could result in the Early Girl tomatoes quickly being infected by the fungus or other disease that can make the tomato die earlier than you expected, reducing the number of tomatoes you’ll be able to pick.

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4. Beefsteak Tomatoes

11,619 Beefsteak Tomato Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

Days to Maturity: 80 Days

Why Grow Beefsteak Tomatoes in Colorado?

It thrives in hot:
  • As the temperatures rise, beefsteak tomatoes will grow bigger and more abundant. You won’t have to look any further for an easy-to-maintain vegetable.
Great for Vertical Gardening:
  • Beefsteak tomatoes are regarded as herbaceous vegetables. Due to this, they can be trained to grow vertically. This is great for those who are gardening with limited space.
Perfect in All Types of Garden:
  • Certain vegetables are best in the soil. Not beefsteak tomatoes. They can be grown in window boxes, containers, raised garden beds, or even in poor soil.

These Could Harm Your Tomatoes

  • Beefsteak tomatoes are among the most susceptible vegetables to insects. Aphids, fruit worms, and even stinkbugs enjoy eating tomatoes. If you delay collecting, anticipate all of these bugs to turn into problems.,
  • BeefsteakTomatoes can also be one of the most susceptible to diseases, particularly heirloom varieties. Be prepared for blight, fungus and buckeye rot to attack your plant during the last summer months (even if you properly take care of the plants).

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5. Grape Tomatoes

6,231 Grape Tomato Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Days to Maturity: 60 Days

Why Grow Grape Tomatoes in Colorado?

It thrives in scorching heat:
  • Grape Tomatoes are one of the most adaptable varieties of tomatoes. If you reside within Northern and Southern Colorado, grape tomatoes can withstand heat, humidity and dry climate better than all other varieties of tomatoes.
Provides All-Summer Harvest:
  • Grape tomatoes are among the few kinds of tomatoes you’ll be able to harvest from the beginning of June and the end of November if they are planted correctly. That means that you’ll be enjoying it nearly all the time.

Disease Resistant:
  • One of the significant negatives of cultivating tomatoes is that they are susceptible to insects and disease. Of all the tomatoes grown, the grape tomato is among the most resistant to conditions that can be grown in Colorado.

These Could Harm Your Tomatoes

Birds, Squirrels, Rabbits, & Chipmunks:
  • The pests generally do not cause harm to your tomato plants. They will eat tomatoes right away when you don’t guard the plants with nets or rodent spray. They may even consume your tomatoes.
Gardening Containers:
  • Most tomatoes do not require water, and they can be planted in garden containers or raised garden beds and traditional gardens. But cherries require lots of water. If you grow the tomatoes in containers used for gardening and don’t water them properly, the tomatoes could be dead in a matter of minutes.

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6. Celebrity Tomatoes

How to Grow and Care for Celebrity Tomatoes

Day to Mature: 70 Days

Why Grow Celebrity Tomatoes in Colorado?

Disease & Insect Resistant:
  • Celebrity Tomatoes are another type of tomato that’s extremely resistant to insects and diseases and is perfect for gardeners who are just beginning to grow Tomatoes for the first time.
Lots & Lots of Harvest:
  • Celebrity Tomatoes are one type of tomato with some of the highest yields among all tomato varieties. Most importantly, it does not produce this all summer long. Late autumn.
Perfect for Small Gardens:
  • Celebrity Tomatoes are considered compact plants. Therefore, they are smaller-sized plants that work well in smaller gardens, raised garden beds, or even areas adjacent to your home.

These Could Harm Your Celebrity Tomatoes

Birds & Rodents:
  • They will not affect your tomato plants. They will eat tomatoes immediately if you don’t guard the plants with a net or spray for rodents.
  • Celebrity Tomatoes do not handle shade well. Like most tomatoes, it requires sunlight and heat to flourish; however, you can expect little or any fruit if it does not receive consistent sunshine all day.

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7. Green Zebra Tomatoes

267 Green Zebra Tomato Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

days to maturity: 80% of a day

Why Grow Green Zebra Tomatoes in Colorado?

Easy to Grow:
  • Green zebra is a sweet tomato that doesn’t lose its green colour. While it is a heritage tomato, it shares similar characteristics to hybrid tomatoes, making it simple to grow across Colorado.
Perfect for Pickling:
  • If you want your tomatoes to last throughout the year, you must preserve them by picking them up or canning them. Green Zebras are one of the most delicious tomatoes to pickle and cooking, making them an excellent option for Colorado Gardeners.
Fits in ALL Gardens:
  • It doesn’t matter if you live in southern or northern Colorado. The green zebra tomatoes thrive, especially in all kinds of gardens. I particularly enjoy cultivating them on raised beds as well as containers for the garden.

These Could Harm Your Peppers

  • Green Zebra Tomatoes can be susceptible to diseases during the last few weeks of summer. Be prepared for blight, fungus and rot to impact your plants later, close to the time that you’ll pick your tomatoes.

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8. Cherry Tomatoes

How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes - Planting and Harvesting Cherry Tomato Plants

Days to Maturity: 60 Days

Why Grow Cherry Tomatoes in Colorado?

Thrives in Droughts:
  • Contrary to other veggies, Cherry Tomatoes do not require much liquid to thrive, bloom and then blossom into a plant that can be picked several times. This is great for rare dry summers.
Great for Vertical Gardening:
  • If you are looking for a plant that is straight upwards but not wide, you should look no further than cherry tomatoes. The type of tomato used was specifically designed to be used in vertical gardens.

These Could Harm Your Cherry Tomatoes

Insects & Garden Pests:
  • As with grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes are susceptible to many things. Garden Pests are fond of eating tomato flowers, tiny tomatoes, and the plant’s leaves. In addition, insects have been reported to eat and attack the leaves of tomatoes.
Cold Weather:
  • If the temperature drops to below 50°F, expect your cherry tomatoes not to develop but will instead become stunted and could even die. This means you must plant your tomato as quickly as possible following your last frost.

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9. Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

16,677 Purple Tomato Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Days to Maturity: 80 Days

Why Grow Cherokee Tomatoes in Colorado?

  • Cherokee Purple tomato is an heirloom tomato. This means it has the highest quality traits of tomatoes and has been cultivated for a long time. Of all the heirloom tomatoes, it is the most durable, delicious and easiest to cultivate.
Thrives in Heat:
  • Cherokee tomatoes love the heat. The more humid and hot, the more your Cherokee tomatoes will grow. There’s a good chance you will get more tomatoes because the Cherokees are amazed by Colorado’s summer.

These Could Harm Your Tomatoes

  • Most of the tomatoes listed on this list will grow in almost any soil. One exception is tomatoes. The tomato needs loamy soil and tiny particles of soil. If they are planted in clay soil, they will not develop, or it will take too long for them to grow.

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10. Sun Gold Tomatoes

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Days to Maturity: 60 Days

Why Grow Sun Gold Tomatoes in Colorado?

Loves the heat:
  • There’s a growing trend. Sun Gold Tomatoes are another type of tomato that works well in the summer heat of Colorado. The hotter, the more flavorful. You can expect to see more tasty sunshine gold tomatoes if there’s rain.
  • Of all the tomatoes on this list, sunshine gold ones are one of the best-tasting tomatoes you can plant. They’re perfect for salads, served with meats, pasta sauce, and much more.

These Could Harm Your Sun Gold


This might sound strange; however, gardeners are most likely to cause harm to the sunshine gold tomato. Most gardeners pick more than they should, do not water them properly and neglect to properly take care of the tomatoes.

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Common Growing Factors of Best Tomatoes To Grow In Colorado

To remind you to keep in mind, the following factors are typical for these to be the Best Tomatoes to Grow in Colorado:

  • Thrives in Heat & Drought
  • Thrives in Cold
  • Can Grow in Vertical Gardens
  • Hardy against Pests and Insects
  • Planting is possible within ALL Types of gardens.
  • Harvests are heavy

Frequently Asked question

tomato, growth, food
Photo by axelmellin on Pixabay

When should I plant tomatoes in Colorado?

The nighttime temperature is expected to be in the low to mid-40s, with daytime temperatures in the high 80s to 70s. A week of cold daytime temperatures (below 55) can permanently stunt plants and reduce yields. We suggest planting on or around May 25 day–don’t plant until the 15 15th unless you’re cultivating in a protected area.

Which tomato plant is easiest to grow?

Cherry Tomatoes are the most simple tomatoes for novices to cultivate. They are prolific and are very easy to grow!

Do tomatoes grow well in Colorado?

Tomato thrives well within Colorado, and, with the wide variety of tomato varieties available, it can be challenging to decide the ones you’d like to plant within your backyard garden.

How often should I Water tomatoes in Colorado?

tomato, fruit, plant
Photo by FotoRieth on Pixabay

Make sure to water your tomato plants regularly when the top few inches of soil have been drained. Employing a watering wand or soaker hose on the bottom of the plant is recommended. Keep your leaves dry to the maximum extent you can.

When should you start tomato seeds in Colorado?

Begin to plant seeds indoor at any time in the final two weeks of March (about six to eight weeks before the last frost). Plant tomatoes outdoors anytime after May 15, after the risk of frost has passed.

How do you fertilize tomatoes in Colorado?

The first step is to fertilize your tomato plants two weeks after planting, with one-fourth of the amount recommended by the package. For the initial fertilization, it is recommended to use a blend of 10-10-10. This is the best choice, but the blend 5-10-10 you’ve used for other fertilization times is also effective. After that, fertilize the tomato when the tomato starts flowering.

How do you grow cucumbers in Colorado?

The soil must be at least 70 °; warmer is preferred, so you must wait for temperatures at night to be at least 55 degrees before planting. Soak the seeds in water overnight to aid in speeding the process of germination before planting. Plant seeds 12 ” deep and 3″ to 4″ apart in hills or rows. The rows should be at minimum 36″ from each other.

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