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Best Weed And Feed For St Augustine Grass: St. Augustine is a turfgrass that can create a lush green lawn, especially in warmer coastal areas such as Florida and the Carolinas as well as Southern California. However, it needs some amount of care which is one of the crucial factors to keep in mind when it comes to managing the St Augustine lawn is fertilization.

The fertilizers for feed and weeds don’t just provide fertilization but also weed killers. It’s 2 for the cost (and time) that of just one.

8 Best Weed And Feed For St Augustine Grass In 2022

Pennington 100536600 UltraGreen Weed & Feed (👇Top Recommendation👇)

lawn fertilizer program

Here are the top 8 herbicides and fertilizers specifically designed to maintain St Augustine lawns.

Pennington 100536600 UltraGreen Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer, 12.5 LBS, Covers 5000 Sq Ft    Check Reviews
Scotts Snap Pac Weed and Feed – 12.8 lb, Builds Strong, Deep Roots, Kills Dandelions, White Clover, Chickweed, Ragweed and More, Covers up to 4,000 sq. ft.    Check Reviews
BioAdvanced 3 in 1 Weed and Feed and Feed for Southern 5M Lawn Fertilizer with Herbicide, 12.5 lb, Granules    Check Reviews
Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action – Kills Dollarweed and Clover, Prevents and Kills Fire Ants, Feeds and Strengthens Lawns – Covers up to 4,000 sq. ft.    Check Reviews
Spectracide Weed & Feed 20-0-0, Ready-to-Spray, 32-Ounce    
Sta-Green Ready-to-Spray Weed and Feed 32-fl oz 7500-sq ft 20-0-0 Lawn Fertilizer    Unavailable

1. Pennington Ultragreen Southern Weed And Feed

lawn fertilizer program

The best products for special needs are usually superior to general products for lawn maintenance. This is particularly relevant when dealing with St. Augustine grass, which requires a different type of care and doesn’t work with other popular products.

Pennington’s southern blend contains 22.1 per cent nitrogen in the slow-release form. This is quite high for products for weeds and feeds as well as helps to control the growth of weeds for three months. It is a summer weed as well as feed, it’s perfect to control weeds once they grow on lawns with established turf which is why it’s great to maintain your grass cover.

Why We Like It

  • Provides excellent Summer control
  • It is possible to put off applying it until you’re sure that you’ll require it.
  • It contains iron to fortify lawns

Our Verdict

Overall, it’s an excellent product and should be starting your search for a feed and weed. The iron enrichment is a wonderful feature for lawns, but the summer application means you could want to buy and make use of it even if purchase a different fertilizer for the spring. Many stores sell it at a very competitive price as well, which makes it easier to be incorporated into a typical budget for garden maintenance.

Pennington 100536600 UltraGreen Weed & Feed (👇Top Recommendation👇)

lawn fertilizer program

Editor’s Rating: 5/5

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2. Sunniland St. Augustine Weed And Feed

In many ways, it’s the opposite of our first selection. Sunniland’s mix can be used in all seasons other than the summer months and has a slow-release mix that can control the plants up to 90 days in a stretch. It is also free of Phosphates, which is more suitable for waterways in the local area and is one of the reasons why we chose to position it on the top of this list.

The product is focused exclusively on St. Augustine almost to the exclusion of other grasses. If you’re planning to seed it, you’ll have to wait 8 weeks which is fairly long but not the most difficult we’ve ever seen in the past for planting.

Why We Like It

  • A special design specifically made specifically for St. Augustine grass
  • Useful throughout the year.
  • There aren’t any Phosphates

Our Verdict

This is a fantastic product in general and a great complement to our number one selection. If you are looking to fertilize your lawn throughout the year These two products give you the coverage and control lawns require.

The only issue with the product would be that manufacturers typically offer it only in bags that measure 5,000 square feet which means you’ll have to purchase multiple bags to cover a larger space.

Editor’s Rating: 5/5

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3. Sta-Green Weed and Feed

Sta-Green’s Weed & Feed blend is among the most versatile and multi-functional products available that can be used on almost any type of grass, while also offering excellent pest control. Apart from helping to eliminate more than 250 kinds of weeds which are one of the most you’ll see in a weed-feed product, it can also help to protect against the more severe winter weather.

But, this power isn’t without a disadvantage. It’s winterized which helps prepare St. Augustine grass for spring growth, but it’s not very effective when you apply it beyond the autumn. This makes it an inferior option to control weeds during St. Augustine’s growth season, nevertheless, it’s a great product to help strengthen your lawn.

Why We Like It

  • Competitive pricing
  • Supports deep root systems
  • Are things different in Summer and Spring? fertilizers aren’t

Our Verdict

This product for weeds and feed is the best choice when you need to build and maintain your lawn. It’s not as effective for lawns that are fully established however, you might want to apply it if you experience harsh winters and wish to safeguard your lawn to the greatest extent possible.

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

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4. Scotts Snap Pac Weed and Feed

Scotts is among the most well-known manufacturers and their track record shows through their options such as their feed and weed Snap Pac. This is a brand new product created for Scotts its exclusive Snap Spreader System. You’ll have to purchase that separately if you intend to utilize this fertilizer, however, since Snap Pacs can automatically adjust the spreader to the correct setting this removes the confusion and adjustments from the procedure.

Each bag can cover four thousand square feet of grass. That may be a bit lower than average and is one reason why this product is not on our list.

Why We Like It

  • It is easy to use using the correct spreader
  • Effective in both the Spring and Autumn.
  • Perfect for people who aren’t experienced with fertilization

Our Verdict

It is worth noting that the Snap Pac is more expensive than the other options for feed and weed control that we have reviewed, however its outstanding weed control capabilities and simplicity of use place it in a league that is its own. If you’ve got a smaller lawn and would like to reduce the frequency of fertilization This is a great product, to begin with.

Our Verdict: 4/5

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5. BioAdvanced 3 in 1 Weed and Feed for Southern Lawns

BioAdvanced does not have a lot of products to choose from however their three-in-one blend is a great choice for feeding St. Augustine lawns while managing various weeds, including crabgrass. The time frame for fertilizer application is a bit short with only two months however, the weed control can last for as long as 6 months. This is great when your lawn is established.

It is important to only purchase your Southern Lawns bag. BioAdvanced has several similar products, but they aren’t suitable to be used on St. Augustine grass and can cause harm to your lawn if you make use of these products.

Why We Like It

  • Highly efficient formula
  • More protection for weeds overtime over competitors
  • Content of high nitrogen

Our Verdict

This is among the most effective alternatives for feeding and weed control to use on St. Augustine lawns. Its cost is in the middle of the weed and feed options with its high-efficiency formula work well in removing the growth of weeds. We suggest this product when your soil is generally well-groomed, yet you require to manage weeds for a long period, to ensure that your lawn will develop better.

It’s most effective during the summer and spring So, you should consider a winterizer such as our top choice, #3 from Sta-Green.

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

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6. Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action

Scotts was likely to make it included on this list at minimum twice, regardless of what we tried however, the Southern Triple Action bag is worthy of consideration for anyone looking to purchase. It is not only effective in killing all kinds of weeds in addition to providing nutrients to St. Augustine lawns, this mix additionally helps to keep common pests such as grasshoppers, fire ants, ticks and fleas from settling in the region.

The protection against insects is long-lasting also and the protection lasts for six months if this product is used correctly. Some fertilizers do not stop insect pests, therefore if insects are an issue in your region you should consider this product first.

What We Like

  • Long-term effectiveness
  • Allows multiple treatments if needed.
  • Minimal waiting time if planting seeds

Our Verdict

The ability to kill insects is the main selling point of this weed as well as feed. It’s an uncommon quality and was an important factor in our choice to include this product in our list of recommendations. Scotts sells this product in four thousand and eight hundred square feet that are different from what is standard in the market but is still suitable for the majority of homeowners.

Southern Triple Action Southern Triple Action formula is higher priced than the majority of alternatives However, if you’re using it to improve the quality of your lawn and stop insect infestations, we believe it’s well worth the cost.

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

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7. Spectracide Weed & Feed

Its Weed & Feed is a low-cost liquid that requires a hose as well as the ability to walk at a consistent speed. Each bottle can treat up to 7500 sq ft of lawn, but the actual amount varies depending on the speed at which you walk. This blend concentrates on controlling broadleaf weeds, and might not be as effective against other types of pests and harmful plants.

Why We Like It

  • Easy to use
  • It covers a vast area for the cost
  • Ideal for supporting lawns with established borders.

Our Verdict

Feed and weed options are the most effective to provide long-term stability that lawns in the process of growing need. Liquid fertilizers such as this are used to maintain lawns that don’t need more external support. That’s why we aren’t able to recommend it to anyone despite its price and user-friendly.

If, however, your lawn requires only some care to remain well-groomed, liquid fertilizers like these are some of the top alternatives available.

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

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8. Sta-Green Ready-to-Spray Weed and Feed

Another liquid fertilizer, Sta-Green’s formula can be used for nearly all types of grass and has 20% nitrogen, which is excellent for control of weeds. Similar to other liquid products they cover around 7,500 square feet. It is extremely simple to use as it is the hose that is long enough to cover the entire garden.

Pennington 100536600 UltraGreen Weed & Feed (👇Top Recommendation👇)

lawn fertilizer program

Sta-Green suggests using this product anytime the weeds are in full bloom. However, they recommend applying a heavy watering regimen for 1 to 2 days before applying the product, which will require more planning than much other weed and feed products.

Why We Like It

  • Extremely simple to make use of
  • Ideal for southern grasses like St. Augustine
  • Effective on most broadleaf weeds

Our Verdict

It’s a great alternative to liquid fertilizer that’s somewhat more expensive than the one we recommended previously. At only 20 minutes per bottle, it’s an efficient and simple method to feed lawns when required. We see this as an aid rather than an all-purpose weed and feed mix. It is better suited for lawns that are established as opposed to those still growing.

But be aware that this mix does not include any Potassium or Iron in it. If you need to adjust your soil to a greater extent then you can consider using a different herbicide and feeding instead of this one.

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Products Are Best For Promoting Thick Sod?

This is contingent on many aspects, such as the quality of your soil as well as the amount of soilon  your lawn is. But, weed and feed products that contain potassium and iron tend to be better at increasing the density of your lawn. In addition, weed control is crucial when your lawn is growing sod. Once it’s established, it can help keep weeds out of the lawn even if they do.

How Aggressive Should I Be About Weeding And Feeding St. Augustine?

Short answer: Read the directions.

In general, you’ll need to apply weeds and feed in the springtime, especially when it’s the use of a pre-emergent herbicide. Pre-emergents stop weeds from growing thus, even though they will take charge of an abundance of weeds, they will not assist with the winter weeds already in the area. If it’s a herbicide that is post-emergent it is recommended to fertilize your garden in the late spring or throughout the entire year according to the climate of your area.

How Aggressive Should I Be About Weeding And Feeding St. Augustine?

You must be very assertive when St. Augustine is building its sod layer. Removing weeds to their roots will allow St. Augustine to build the strongest possible defence for it. After it’s established, it will require maintenance but not as often.

Fertilizer is among the things that more is not necessarily better. If you apply too much of it, you might notice the lawn turning yellow which is usually caused by nitrogen burn.

What’s St Augustine grass?

Grass and dew in the garden.

St. Augustine is a grass that grows in warm weather commonly used to create lawns as well as pastures and other vast areas. While it is a strong fan of warm climates and is found throughout the southern part of the United States, it can be tolerant of colder coastal areas that experience mild winters.

St. Augustine grass is extremely valuable due to its thick sod, which assists in eliminating the other grasses and weeds that give an even appearance. However, getting the grass up to this level requires care and attention during its initial growth stages, and after that owners can shift to maintaining the grass. Although St Augustine is most common in states such as Florida It can be grown in a variety of southern climates, assuming that the soil type is appropriate.

It thrives in soil that has a pH between 5 to 8.5 Which is more than most of its rivals. If you’re planning to grow St. Augustine, be sure to examine the soil of the area you live in to determine if the grass is a good match for your soil. You may need to alter the soil before adding grass.

St Augustine grass lawns are extremely lush. They require regular cutting (never cutting more than 1/3 of the length of the blade) using razor-sharpened blades.

The place where is St Augustine grass-grown?

If you own a St. Augustine grass lawn there’s likely a possibility that you live in Florida which is the ideal environment that is ideal for St Augustine. However, the grass is a great choice for the coastal Carolinas and the Gulf Coast and southern California. It’s anywhere that’s warm all year and has water nearby.

Are you interested in learning more? St Augustine Services?

A healthy lawn with beautiful green colours isn’t easy, and the methods applied depend on the type of grass. For more information regarding St Augustine’s care, we suggest the following video by Franklin Hernandez.

Can you feed St. Augustine with Scotts weed?

For example, Scotts Turf Builder Feed and Weed should not be mixed with St. Augustine grass even though the Turf Maker with Halts Crabgrass Preventer can be used safely.

Is atrazine found in Scotts weed or Feed?

It contains an herbicide called atrazine. This herbicide is toxic and should not be used around shrubs or trees.

How often should your lawn be weeded and fed?

Do not apply weed or feed products more often than once a year. It’s okay to apply another spring application if your spring application has not resolved your weed problem. Two months should be allowed between applications.

What time should I apply weedkiller to my lawn?

Gardeners should apply weed killer in the spring to get the best results. To combat invasive weeds such as crabgrass, gardeners usually reapply the herbicide eight weeks after the initial spray.

Top Pick

This Pennington Ultragreen Southern Weed and Feed mix is a suitable option to use for St. Augustine lawns. You can put off using it until you are sure that you will need it every year. Additionally, the iron can be a great way to enrich your lawn as well as establish sod.

Premium Choice

Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action formula is quite expensive, however, its insect repellent properties are not common in the world of weeds and feed and are worth the cost if you want to safeguard your home from invasion. It is recommended to hire an expert to determine which pests are threatening your home before purchasing any feed or weed.

Great Value

Its Sta-Green Ready-to-Spray Weed and Fertilize is affordable, even for an extremely tight budget for gardening. Although it’s not as efficient as other solid fertilizers, however, it’s a great option for maintaining St. Augustine lawns that already have their sod layer completely installed.

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Pennington 100536600 UltraGreen Weed & Feed (👇Top Recommendation👇)

lawn fertilizer program

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