Hoya Krimson Queen Care – How To Care For A Hoya Krimson Queen Plant

Hoya Krimson Queen Care
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Hoya Krimson Queen Care: Hoya carnosa Krimson Queen is an absolute queen in appearance. It is a stunning tricolour variation on its waxy, thick leaves. It is a popular species of the Hoya Genus, not just because of its beauty but also its resistance to drought. It is a wonderful gift to possess Hoya Krimson Queen in your plant in your home.

Scientific Name Hoya carnosa ‘Krimson Queen’
Common Name Wax plant, Porcelain flower, Hoya Carnosa
Light Bright indirect light.
Watering Drink regularly throughout the growing season
Temperature Temperatures ranging from 60-90oF (16-32oC)
Hardiness Zone Zones 9 – 12
Humidity 60% or more humidity
Soil Type The soil mix is well-drained and porous that is soft and airy
Soil pH 6 to 6.5
Fertilizing A nitrogen-rich, water-soluble fertilizer is highly recommended.
Repotting Between 2 and 3 times a year
Pruning The months of spring and summer are the ideal time to trim
Propagation Stem cuttings
Toxicity Non-toxic for pets and humans.
Mature Size 60-80 inches indoors, but it can extend 20 feet when in the wild
Bloom Time A few years or more of development spring and summer

What’s Unique About Hoya Krimson Queen?

Variegated Foliage Hoya Carnosa Variegata Krimson Queen White Background Exotic Stock Photo

Apart from the variegated leaves. In addition, apart from its variegated leaves, the Hoya Krimson Queen plant also has the appearance of porcelain flowers. This combination of two gorgeous components makes this plant attractive. It is indigenous to Southeast Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Polynesia). This plant is a tropical species that require a lot of growth.

Hoya Krimson Queen plants are epiphytic. This means they can grow on the trunks of trees or branches to support themselves mechanically instead of growing in soil. So when cultivated, they’re most effective as trailing plants in hanging baskets. They’re semi-succulent and. They can endure prolonged periods of lower frequent and less frequent irrigation.

Hoya Krimson Queen Care

Soft Focus Fleshy Variegated Leaves Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen Hoya Stock Image

Hoya Krimson Queen Plant care is about the basics. As with all plants, it requires the right lighting conditions, temperatures, and watering regimens are essential to its survival. Keep in mind that it comes from tropical areas. Therefore, you need to meet the environment’s conditions where it originated.

Here are some valuable ideas for caring for Hoya Queen.

Light Requirement

It is a plant that hangs naturally on tree trunks to support itself. It is possible to determine the specific Hoya Krimson Queen light requirements. As we mentioned previously, the species has an epiphyte. They reside under the canopies of trees and get bright but filtered light.

Put your plant on the south or west side of your house to get the most optimal light conditions indoors. Use a sheer curtain to act as an obstruction. Let it enjoy all the sun for around one hour or so. This will help the hoya plant to begin blooming. It is possible to utilize an artificial light source to get the right Krimson Queen Hoya lighting requirements.

Hoya Krimson Queen Watering

The requirements for watering that Hoya Krimson Queen requires are identical to those of other species of succulents. In essence, it doesn’t require a lot of water. This is due to the capacity to store sufficient liquid in the leaves, which it can use when drying.

Make sure to keep watering Hoya Queen when the soil becomes dry. It could happen once or twice per week, based on the season in which you live. If you’re unsure, it’s best to keep the plant submerged.

Be careful regarding Hoya Krimson Queen’s watering to avoid problems such as root rot.


The hoya plant doesn’t have an extensive tolerance to temperature. Excessively high or low temperatures can cause stress, leaving the plant in a bad state. Maintaining the Hoya Krimson Queen temperature range between 60degF (16degC ) and 90degF (32degC) is recommended. This kind of climate is located in USDA zones of hardiness 10-12.

If you’re planning on planting your Hoya outside, bring it inside when temperatures drop below 50degF (10degC). Also, do the same thing during winter. There aren’t the best temperatures that you should use for Krimson Queen Hoya. It could cause irreparable destruction of your plants.

Hoya Krimson Queen Humidity

Despite its succulent-like appearance, Hoya Krimson Queen’s humidity needs are very high. It is recommended to keep at least 60% humidity for this plant to thrive and be healthy. For indoor settings, it is recommended to put your Hoya in a moist area, like the kitchen or bathroom.

There are several ways to achieve the perfect humidity level for Krimson Queen. The most basic method is to do regular misting. However, make sure you apply this throughout the day to have sufficient time for the moisture to evaporate. Humidifiers can also aid and are a time-saver.


Building the most compact and light mixture of soil for The Hoya is recommended. Keep in mind that it’s an epiphyte and would not usually be able to thrive on heavy soils. It is possible to mix amendments like cocoa coir perlite and vermiculite with orchid bark to make an aeration-friendly soil suitable for Krimson Queen. This way, you’ll be able to keep root rot at bay.

The ideal pH for Krimson Queen is between 6 and 6.5 (slightly acidic). This will allow the nutrients to be available to the plant to use. Also, ensure that Hoya Krimson Queen soil is clean before you plant.

Hoya Krimson Queen Fertilizer

The most effective Hoya Krimson Queen fertilizer has a lower amount of potassium compared to nitrogen and phosphorus. This means you must verify the fertilizer ratio before to ensure no evidence that NPK distribution isn’t balanced. We recommend diluting the fertilizer into the water to decrease the concentration.

Apply fertilizer to Hoya Queen just once per month in the growing season. In general, there is no need to fertilize during the winter and fall seasons. It is also possible to incorporate organic fertilizers into your soil, like compost or worm castings, to provide a long-term source of nutrients.

Potting & Repotting

There are many types of pots that you can use to pot your hoya plants. You can choose from plastic, terra-cotta, and ceramics. Be sure to ensure that they are equipped with a sufficient amount of drains. Since hoyas like to become pot-bound and the process of repotting Hoya carnosa, Krimson Queen shouldn’t be an everyday activity. It could take up to three years to realize the necessity of repotting.

The ideal time to do Hoya Crimson Queen pots to be repotted is at the beginning of spring or the summer. When repotting, select an appropriate pot approximately 2 inches bigger than the previous one. Alter the soil mix. The roots should be cut. Also, water the repotted plant as soon as you can.

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Hoya Krimson Queen Pruning

Hoya Krimson Queen pruning is required to maintain the plant’s shape, manage its size, and re-energize its growth. Start by cutting off the old and worn-out leaves from the lower part. Cut back the branches and stems that look to be out of reach. Be sure to trim the diseased parts, too.

When making cuts on Hoya carnosa Krimson Queen, sterilize the shears before cutting. Keep in mind that you’re creating open wounds to the plant. If you’re using tools that have been contaminated and equipment, your plant will be at risk of contracting diseases by the wounds. In the event of a pathogen, they will discover a way to cause severe trouble on your Hoya.

Hoya Krimson Queen Propagation

Using stem cuttings is the most effective method to propagate Krimson queen Hoya. Select a mature and healthy stem, cut it up to 4 or 5 inches and leave more than two leaves. Also, make sure that it has some nodes.

When the cutting is done to be cut, dip it into a nutrient that stimulates root growth to accelerate rooting. Plant it in a pot mix. Make sure to water it thoroughly. After that, put your pot inside a protected place. The propagation will succeed if the plant doesn’t die within a few weeks. New leaves can also be seen emerging.

The ideal time to carry out Hoya Krimson Queen propagation is in the spring or summer months.

Common Problems of Hoya Krimson Queen

Soft Focus Fleshy Variegated Leaves Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen Hoya Stock Photo

It’s not uncommon to have issues in Krimson Queen Hoya as it develops. Although it’s not a plant that is picky, however, it does have its weaknesses.

The majority of Hoya Krimson Queen’s problems manifest in the leaves. Some examples include lessening the appearance of variegation, browning and the development of lesions.

Let’s explore the root of these issues.


Most likely, you’ve encountered the species we’ll examine as Hoya Krimson Queen pests. The most common species are tiny bugs, such as mealybugs, scale, and. Spider mites are also a part of the mix. They infest a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants.

It’s good to know that they’re simple to control, especially when you notice them in the early stages. Most gardeners utilize a dilute solution of the oil of neem, dishwashing liquid, and water.

Some people simply wipe them away by dipping cotton in alcohol. Pesticides are usually unnecessary unless you’re dealing with large numbers of Hoya Queen plants.


The most frequent Hoya Krimson Queen diseases are root and stem rot. It is caused by water overflow and soil-borne pathogens that cause fungal infections like botrytis blight. There are many signs to look out for. They include the appearance of mushy roots, the smell of rotting stems becoming black, and the browning of leaves.

If you don’t treat it or take care of it, you, Krimson Queen hoya, could be in danger of dying. Therefore, we suggest that you stay on the lookout. Check the roots of your plant when you first suspect that the plant is affected by root rot. It is also beneficial for preventive measures, like using a sterilized potting mix for planting.

Growing Problems

There aren’t many growing issues to be faced in the growing Hoya Krimson Queen beside the negative effects of watering too much. This is a serious issue that could cause a plant to become sick. If your Hoya has been overwatered and overwatered, it has the potential to become slow. The excess water can create a stressful atmosphere, particularly for succulents which aren’t accustomed to excessive humidity.

The most effective way to avoid these problems is to keep the ideal conditions for growth discussed above. A proper lighting system, adequate water, suitable temperatures, and humidity levels all aid in the overall condition of your plant.

Toxicity of Hoya Krimson Queen

The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) classified Hoya carnosa “Krimson Queen” as a herb that is not toxic. It means that it doesn’t contain any chemicals that could be harmful to humans or pets. Although there is no evidence of toxicity, the sap of Hoya carnosa Krimson Queen could cause mild discomfort. It is best to be cautious.

For Humans

Hoya Krimson Queen doesn’t have toxic issues reported to humans. This makes the plant more attractive since taking care of it is not dangerous. If you have kids at home, don’t hesitate to keep hoya queens in the area.

However, remember that they contain an oily sap that can cause irritation when they come into contact with the skin. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious while handling your plant, particularly when you have to cut the parts. Make sure to wear gloves while the process of repotting, pruning, and propagation. Consuming any part or part of hoya plants is also a no-no.

For Pets

Even for pets, toxicity isn’t an issue. Hoya Krimson Queen is suitable for pets, just like humans. If you have cats or dogs in your home, the plants will not cause any trouble for the animals. Hoya doesn’t contain any harmful substances that could harm your pets.

However, the plant isn’t edible. Therefore, ensure you don’t allow your children to consume the components. The sap may irritate as well. It could cause nausea or vomiting. It is best to hang your Hoya in a secure area, so your pets don’t play with them. Be cautious.

Hoya Krimson Queen Appearance

Beautiful House Plant Named Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen Photo Royalty Free Stock Images

The Hoya Krimson Queen’s design is unique and charming. The foliage, as well as the flowers, are beautiful to the whole plant. The perfect blend makes this plant truly beautiful and worth taking a second look at. Its trailing pattern is quite distinctive, which makes it ideal for hanging baskets in your home.


Hoya Krimson Queen’s foliage Hoya Krimson Queen is highly attractive due to its unique variety. It’s a mixture of creamy white, green and pink. It’s why it’s sometimes referred to as”the Hoya tricolour. Each leaf is an elongated shape. If you touch it, it gives the sensation of wax. The leaves are affixed to the trailing vine.

In addition to its aesthetics, The leaves on Hoya Krimson Queen also serve an essential purpose. The fleshy leaves aid in storing enough water so plants can use it during long periods of the dry season. This is one reason. Hoyas can withstand droughts to a certain degree as most succulent species.


If you think the leaves are gorgeous, wait until you see this Hoya Krimson Queen flowering. The plant is made prettier when the star-shaped clusters of flowers are visible. The flowers are pinkish in a hue that red centres accentuate. In addition, the flowers are scent-free.

There are specific prerequisites for your Hoya’s Hoya to begin flowering. In the beginning, it must mature. This is usually after three or four years of expansion. The environment has to offer the ideal conditions like high humidity, a warm temperature and less rainfall. These conditions typically occur during the summer and spring seasons.

Size and Growth

The Hoya’s maximum size Krimson Queen can be found in 60 and 80 inches. It is possible due to the nature of the trailing vines. However, compared with other vine species, hoyas are slower in growth rate. It is necessary to wait for 2 to three years before transplanting the plant.

This feature is suitable for hoyas kept in a closed space. Keeping your plant healthy within a limited space will be simpler as it isn’t likely to grow as large in such a short time. If it does mature, it can be ensured that your Hoya stays shaped and cut down.

Hoya Krimson Queen Fragrance

The secret to Hoya’s Krimson Queen scent is in its flowers. These clusters of flowers release a sweet scent that anyone will surely enjoy. It’s that distinctive scent of freshly baked chocolate. It’s even more apparent in the evening. Therefore, it is best to remain inside in the privacy of a room to smell the aroma.

As the Hoyas will bloom during the summer months and into fall and fall, you are likely to enjoy the fragrance for a longer time. It will be more enjoyable if you have pots of Hoya Krimson Queen. Make sure to maintain your hoyas blooming at the right time.

Suggested Uses for Hoya Krimson Queen

Variegated Foliage Hoya Carnosa Variegata Krimson Queen White Background Exotic Stock Photo

Hoya Krimson Queen is stunning plants in any indoor or outdoor setting. There are many ways to get imaginative when working with the plant. You can plant it and then create different shapes. It would make a perfect Instagram hoya!

It can also be planted in hanging baskets and let the vines grow. It can be hung to bring life to the dull corners. Apart from the aesthetics, it can assist in eliminating toxins from your home, bringing cleaner air to your home. You can also utilize this plant to reduce tension and improve the energy in your home.


What is Hoya Krimson Queen?

Hoya Krimson Queen Hoya Krimson Queen is a different variation that belongs to the Hoya carnosa species. It’s famous for its three-colour foliage, an amalgamation of creamy-white, green and green varieties.

How can I determine Hoya Krimson Queen?

The thing that distinguishes the Hoya Crimson Queen apart is the position of its variations. They can be found on the edges of every leaf. A different kind is that of the Hoya Krimson Princess, which has its variations in the middle.

How can you take care of Hoya Crimson Queen?

The proper care for Hoya Krimson Queen is the supply of light that is filtered in warmer temperatures, lower water consumption, as well as high levels of humidity. This combination provides the perfect conditions for Hoya’s growth.

How do I cultivate Hoya Krimson Queen indoors?

If it is planted indoors, put it in that face east as it provides the most lighting conditions. It is recommended to mist it occasionally if the humidity is low.

How can I cultivate Hoya Krimson Queen outside?

If you can keep it outdoors, be sure you place it in a Hoya Krimson Queen in a partly shaded location. Do not let it be in the sun’s rays since this can damage the plant.

How fast does Hoya Krimson Queen grow?

Hoya Krimson Queen can be a slow-growing plant compared to other vinified species. It will take two to three years before you’ll need to plant it again.

How tall will Hoya Krimson Queen get?

The Hoya plant can grow from 60 to 80 inches. If it is left to grow in nature, every plant will grow to 20 feet.

How do I create Hoya Krimson Queen’s growth speed up?

It should receive an adequate amount of sunlight. Do not overwater your Hoya to prevent the root from rotting. Make sure to apply diluted fertilizer every month in the growing phase.

How do I stake Hoya Crimson Queen?

If you’d like to stake your Hoya higher, you can use stakes, trellis or other material to help support it. Some make use of wires to guide the Hoya to the desired shape.

How to pot Hoya Krimson Queen?

Once the pot is bound, remove the Hoya out of its pot. Eliminate the soil that was in it and examine the roots. Cut off dead roots. Create a new pot mix and plant the hoyas in a larger pot.

How do I bring back Hoya Crimson Queen?

You can address this issue based on the cause that is causing the symptoms. It is essential to determine the cause of your Hoya becoming sick. Then, you’ll be able to come up with solutions.

What is the reason My Hoya Krimson Queen died?

Root rot is the primary reason you, Hoya, will die. When you notice signs, you should repot the plant to protect the plant from further damage.

What is the reason my Hoya Krimson Queen looking droopy?

This may be caused by stress caused by water problems or conditions of humidity or temperature, or unsuitable light conditions. Change these variables to ensure they are optimal.

How cold will Hoya Krimson Queen stand?

Hoya Krimson Queen isn’t particularly fond of cold temperatures. It is tolerant of temperatures as high as 50oF (10oF). If temperatures fall below this level, your plant could be at risk of being affected by extreme cold stress.

How do you eliminate pests on Hoya Krimson Queen?

Apply diluted solution containing Neem oil and insecticidal soap, and water. Repeat this process for a week until you can eliminate all insects.

Is Hoya Krimson Queen harmful to cats?

No. Your cats are safe when you use Hoya carnosa “Krimson Queen” because the plant is safe for pets. But, it is not edible. The sap can cause minor irritations.

Is Hoya Krimson Queen poisonous for dogs?

No. Hoya Krimson Queen is as safe for pets as it is for your cats. It does not contain any poisonous substance that could harm your pet.

Is Hoya Krimson Queen harmful to children?

No. The plant is safe and safe for children. It will not cause major harm to your children, other than minor discomfort if they are in contact with the sap.

Is Hoya Krimson Queen harmful to human beings?

There aren’t any toxic human effects reported to Hoya Krimson Queen. This means that the species is safe to handle by humans. It’s not edible, however.

Does Hoya Krimson Queen smell like an aroma?

Yes! The flower clumps have an intriguing scent similar to the chocolate-vanilla flavour. The scent is stronger in the evening.

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