Why Is My Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown? And How To Fix Fast – Ultimate Guide


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Are you looking for a guide on how to fix Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown, in this post we have a great research from an experienced gardeners around the world.

So, let’s get started….

Peace lily blooms turn brown as they approach the end of their cycle. It’s normal and shouldn’t cause you to be concerned about if the flower is healthy.

There are certain instances where flowers go brown in the early stages. Let’s look at what causes the flowers to change color (including the reasons for care) and then learn how to keep them looking fresher and get rid of the flowers when they begin to fade.

Why Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown?

sheath leaf, peace lily, ornamental plant
Photo by HOerwin56 on Pixabay

Flowers on flowering plants always diminish and eventually die. Certain flowers last longer than others. However, this is an inevitable part of the cycle of life of a plant.

The peace lily’s blooms can last for up to one month if you take to maintain the plant properly. However, they’re likely to fall off after 10-14 days. When the flowers stop then, the plant enters the non-blooming phase, which lasts for a few months to a full calendar year.

Peace lilies in the indoor garden flower in spring or the beginning of summer. Some cultivars bloom twice per year. Each plant can only provide the ability to sustain flowers for a limited time before dying. Don’t worry! The plant will bloom once more, provided you give it the proper attention.

Peace lily blooms that are healthy can last up to 2 weeks before they begin to fade.

Care-Related Reasons for Brown Flowers

In some instances, the flowers of your peace lily could turn brown earlier than usual because of poor maintenance. If your plant is stressed, it could draw energies away from flowers to protect their foliage.

Here are some of the reasons your plant might get stressed, which can cause flowers to fall out:

  • Warm or cold Air Do not expose your peace lily to drafts from cold Air or hot Air coming from heating vents. This could cause flowers and leaves to become brown and fall off.
  • Over-watering Peace lilies prefer moist soil, but they cannot endure being waterlogged. This could kill the plant and lead to the loss of flowers or leaves.
  • Under-watering It’s just as destructive as 0ver-watering. Giving your peace lily too much water could turn brown blooms before they fully grow. Keep the soil moist and let the water run out from the bottom to ensure that it is completely saturated.
  • Too Many Lights as a light-shy plant, the peace lily cannot endure direct sunlight. Maintain them 3 to five feet away from windows that get direct sunlight. You can also place them in a window facing north to avoid stress.

My experiences with a peace lily and brown flowers are typically caused due to natural aging. Uncared-for flowers rarely cause them to turn brown because the plant is likely not to flower even when the conditions aren’t in order.

However, relocating the plant to a different place or altering the way you water it when your peace lily starts to bloom could result in flowers dying early. When your plant is in bloom, do not make major adjustments if you want to enjoy the blooms.

The flowers of this peace lily will begin to turn brown at the end of their cycle.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer

peace lily, flower, flowers
Photo by Gadini on Pixabay

Peace lilies do not bloom until it is mature. However, commercial growers usually use gibberellic acids, an organic plant hormone used to cause plants to blossom. In this way, they can sell their plants earlier and make them more attractive to customers.

When you take home an undeveloped peace lily from the nursery, it’s usually not fully mature. After the flowers have died, you might need to wait a year or two to see blooms reappear naturally.

Note: It’s not advised for home gardeners to try to force flowers using gibberellic acid. I think this is harmful to the plant and better off giving it the optimal setting to naturally bloom.

If your peace lily is about to flower, here are some suggestions to help make your flowers last longer

  • Enhance Temperature Warmer temperatures allow peace lilies to blossom. Keep temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees F (18 30 – 30 degrees C) throughout the day to encourage flowering and keep the flowers in bloom for as long as they can.
  • Maintain Soil Moisturized Moist: Water the peace lily twice or three times per week to ensure that the soil is humid. The plant is susceptible to the chemicals present in tap water; therefore, make sure to use distilled or spring water.
  • Keep the light low– Don’t put the peace lily (especially one that flowers) directly in sunlight. It is a low-light plant, and direct sunlight can burn the flowers and leaves. It is recommended to use indirect light to ensure that flowers last longer.

Whatever you do, no matter what you do, the flowers will eventually fade away. They do not appear to last as long, according to me! Have fun with them to the fullest extent they can be by giving the proper attention to your lily while it blooms.

Removing Brown Flowers

Take off the brown flowers from your peace lily to maintain the plant in good condition. Take the stalk of flowers until the plant’s root, and remove it from there. Use a sharp pair of pruning shears if you have them (but clean, sharp kitchen scissors can be sufficient in the event of a need).

Do not pull at the stalk of the flower to remove it since this could harm the plant.

The peace lily is expected to bloom once more in the next few months or one year, depending on the plant’s health, the surrounding environment, and the cultivar.

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